How Loopy are You?

what is childhoodYou may not be aware of it – but we are ALL loopy! Do you want to know why?  Our brains work on what is called an Open Loop system. This means that your brain is open to and influenced by what is going on around you. We have neurons in our brains that are called Mirror Neurones. They appear to be part of how we learn and are involved with processes such as empathy as well as physical actions. For this reason, emotions can be quite contagious. While our brains are wired to see the negative as a way of trying to keep us safe, interestingly positive emotions are more contagious than negative ones.

How cool is that? Just think you can help change the emotional tone in a room or help another person feel better simply by being positive. A smile, a laugh – each are amazingly powerful ways to bring more lightness into not only your life but the lives of others. Can I set you a challenge – each day try it out. Even if you aren’t feeling overjoyed yourself – by choosing to smile, you can brighten your own and another person’s day. I’ll begin the process by sharing this gorgeous YouTube called Dancing Nana – she certainly made me smile and laugh out loud! Til next time 🙂


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Change Your Focus

Change your brain concept

Some days things run smoothly and other days they don’t! Often it isn’t big stuff but little things adding up and it is easy to get the sh#$@s! For me it is often technology related things – I think that is because my tech toolkit is pretty bare. (A few feeble efforts and then a call to my dearly beloved!)  I find I can easily get frustrated and focused on the problem. And like weeds, problems can appear to take over your garden of good intentions.

Our brain does tend to default to seeing the problem  – it has help us safe during our evolutionary past.  Some form of anxiety then arises and that usually drives us more than the problem itself. This happened to me this morning – I was anxious about missing some online training as there were some technical issues. I could feel the tension arising in me – my chest was tight and I was holding my breath. The more I focused on the problem the worse that felt.

Interestingly , the training was about moving out of the Drama Triangle, in which I was well and truly embedded!  Amazingly a few deep breaths and a change of focus on what  a successful outcome would be opened my mind to a new idea. (Coach – heal  thyself!!) I tootled off to Peter’s computer and hallelujah the issue was solved.  I logged in just as all the introductions were completed so didn’t miss any of the training.

SO simple – but when you are in the midst of the problem and your limbic brain has high jacked you, it’s not so easy to see!

Have a little play this week and notice when  you begin to get caught in a problem, take a few deep breaths and change your focus to what a successful outcome would be. I’d love to hear what you find.

The YouTube this week gives you a Space Aged perspective on this.

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Living your Peace of the Puzzle

Universal human

One of the main things I love about working as a coach is helping people to connect to their purpose and vision so they can be doing what they love.  I can remember in my own life when I was being called to change. What I was doing began to not fully satisfy me – it was like an emptiness that was inside me that was yearning to be filled.

For some time, I tried to ignore it or made judgements to myself about it. Who was I to want change? I had a good job which for the most part I loved – but there was a deep yearning for something more. It started with an interest in Chinese medicine and acupuncture was added to my physio repertoire. Then I was called to manage a health team and help nurture and grow young professionals.

This grew and morphed through a number of stages until I have arrived at my wonderful work now – working with individuals, teams and families to help them to live and work more consciously. To mindfully tune into what is going on inside themselves, to listen and trust that. To believe in and grow their own unique potential and to live a life that gives joy and meaning.

Each of us is responsible to listen to our inner guru. But often you need a little help to do that as your inner voice is quiet and easily drowned out by your own doubts or the opinions of others. As a coach I can help you tune into that wisdom and find ways to create action and movement towards your joy.

Alan Watts says it beautifully – hope you enjoy and I would love to hear from you!

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Inside Out Intelligence

Inside out

2013 is certainly starting with some extremes here in Australia. Bushfires in some areas, cyclones and floods in others. Challenging times that create much distress for those in the thick of things. At times like this, we all need a lifeline. That can be in the form of others on the ground to assist us.

But I believe it goes deeper than that – we need what is now being referred to as Spiritual Intelligence. Ever heard of it? The definition of Spiritual Intelligence is ‘the ability to behave with compassion and wisdom while retaining inner and outer peace regardless of the situation’ Sounds a pretty good thing to achieve don’t you reckon?

We are all born spiritual and we need to learn how to be spiritually intelligent. Just as we are all born with a body that we need to learn to use and gain physical intelligence. Think back to the journey of a baby.

I am just completing training in a Spiritual Intelligence (SQ21) assessment tool ( yes, I am about to be certified again!). Just as the FEBI assessment can help you gain more awareness and skill in the energetic area, the SQ21 can help you become wiser, more compassionate and peaceful both inside and out. That ‘inside out’ part is vital. I often coach people, or feel this myself at times – peaceful on the outside, upset on the inside.

Being coherent on both the inside and the outside is a great place to be. And each of us is capable of that. If you are interested to know more about the SQ21 (or the FEBI), please give me a call.

This gorgeous little YouTube says it beautifully……

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Noticing the nuances

Star trails

I am completing training in a wonderful coaching tool that looks at our Spiritual Intelligence. As part of that, I have been looking into the nuances of emotions. If you stop now as you read this, can you tune into your emotions and name them? It isn’t as easy as you think. The list I have to choose from has over 200 words to chose from. I think the emotional  vocabulary I usually use could be counted on 2 hands!

It is a really powerful exercise to stop and do this a few times a day and see not only if you can extend your emotional vocabulary but also tune into the subtleties  of how they feel in your body.

You can then extend the practice to look for the finer details in your surroundings. Making the time to  do this can add such beauty and awe to your day. Things are constantly changing and the world is a beautiful place – and yes it can be a challenging one as well.

Noticing and naming interior and exterior experiences is a really healthy practice that can help you both lessen stress and increase appreciation.

The wonderful photo at the top of this blog is a glorious example of this. It has been taken by Breaane Hetherington when she was visiting out here. She took the time  – 52 minutes of an open shutter photo to capture these amazing star circles. ( You might want to open it to increase the size to really appreciate the beauty)

Hope you enjoy the YouTube of Brother David Steindl- Rast and wishing you some days of increased inner and outer awareness.

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Getting it all together

body, mind, soul, spirit on blackboard

How is 2013 treating you so far? For me, contemplation and planning are continuing in January. I am revisiting old ideas and dreams and they are coming together in new and exciting ways. Since I began the Inner Circle Work journey, I have been challenged about how I can connect my passions and find my niche. Two years down the track the journey continues and the destination is finally coming into sight!

Each of us in a mix of intelligences and energies – some solid and tangible like our bodies and others harder to pinpoint and grasp, like our minds and our beliefs. These are like interconnecting circles of intelligence including physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. It is when we neglect any of them that things can begin to go pear shaped in life. It may be felt as a lack of energy or motivation with life becoming a hard slog or a boring repetition rather than an interesting journey.

The amount of attention will vary over time, so the circles can vary in size.  Being mindful seems to play a vital role in this because while you are on autopilot, you simply miss the subtle changes and may only be aware when things are well out of whack.

From a personal perspective, I have been neglecting the physical whilst getting a little too immersed in the intellectual and spiritual pursuits. Ever been there before? Energy levels low, body weight not so!! At other times in my life the imbalance has been in other areas. And I think when I was younger there was more give in the system!!

The coaching journey to me is really about learning to be mindfully aware of all those different energies within you. Together we then work to look at where energies may be lacking and look for practical ways to make the necessary changes so that you are turning up as a full bodied expression of your life.

Hope you enjoy Anthony Robbin’s take on this.

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Body of Evidence

Human Chakra

How often do you listen to the wisdom of your own body? It is very easy for the communication that you have with your body to have a strongly negative bias. If you are like most people listening to your body only happens when it is in some form of discomfort. And if you spoke to your friends the way you often speak to your own body, you’d need to call and apologise with monotonous regularity!

2013 can be the year when you begin to change that relationship! Your body is far more than a vehicle for moving your head around or a receptacle for negative thoughts and actions. It is a wise and trusted friend – the closest one you have!

Rather than compare it to the front cover of the latest magazine and find it lacking,  stop breath and ponder all it does for you every second of every day and night and give it profound thanks and love. Instead of trying to beat it into submission with 15 New Year resolutions, choose a power word for the year ahead (mine is balance) and as you make decisions each day, ask your body ‘How will it feel to have more …… in my day to day?’  And listen for the response.

This is one of the biggest thing that any of us can do to begin to take back our personal power and self responsibility and it is as close as the tip of your own nose. Wishing you a week of tuning into the wisdom of your wonderful body in a mindful, loving and inquisitive way.

Hope you enjoy Sting’s viewpoint…….

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